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What is Liquid Chalk?

Liquid chalk is a rapidly drying liquid paste that helps enhance grip. It’s used in sports such as gymnastics, rock climbing, weightlifting and calisthenics. Fitness practitioners rely on liquid chalk to prevent slippage of the hands. Liquid chalk keeps athletes doing what they love for longer!

Liquid chalk is made from magnesium carbonate, a white powder that absorbs fluids, and alcohol. Upon application the alcohol evaporates and the powder absorbs any residual liquid, creating a reliable white coating on the hands. This layer lasts longer and more completely covers the hands than the application of regular chalk.

Our liquid chalk products come in convenient bottles that are easy to travel with, and that perfectly seal the liquid chalk, preventing it from drying and making a mess. The secret to sporting success is infallible grip, try our liquid chalk for yourself!

Advantages Of Liquid Chalk 

Better Grip

Liquid chalk sticks better to the hands and creates a more complete liquid absorbing layer.

Lasts Longer

Liquid chalk lasts longer on the hands due to its evaporative application process. 

Convenient Packaging

Our liquid chalk bottles are ready to travel, take them anywhere!

Overall Cheaper

Less waste and less use makes liquid chalk a more cost effective option. 

Less Hazardous

Unlike regular chalk, liquid chalk is difficult to aerosolise. 

Less Messy

Liquid chalk goes only where you want it, and doesn’t stain everything around it. 


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