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Climbing the tallest mountains, lifting impossible weights, performing incredible athletic feats…

There’s something all of these things have in common: GRIP. Grip is essential for athletes to perform at their best. 

Naturally our hands are oily and our grip is weak. Sweat flows through the valleys of our hands and impedes our performance.  

Sports that rely on grip such as gymnastics and rock climbing need a solution to this problem. Enter liquid chalk.

Bottled and ready for use, our liquid solution dries in seconds to provide a sweat wicking coating on the hands. It has superior grip to traditional magnesium carbonate as it reaches every crease of the hands and dries in a uniform layer.

Unlike regular powder chalk, our solution does not create a mess and can easily be stored. Powder chalk is easily aerosolized and can cause allergies and asthma.

From creation to packaging, we keep the environment in mind. Our packaging is 100% plastic free, a commitment we are proud of.


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