How Long Does Liquid Chalk Last?

By Vic
July 6, 2022

Liquid chalk can last anywhere between 5 – 20 minutes if applied thoroughly. A single 250mL liquid chalk bottle of liquid chalk lasts 6 months on average.

Liquid chalk is a better alternative to regular chalk. It’s application process allows the chalk to stick better to the hands, making it last longer between applications. Moreover, unlike regular chalk that is notorious for getting aerosolised, liquid chalk only ends up on your hands.

The combination of these 2 factors allows liquid chalk to last much longer than regular chalk both in a single training session and in its lifetime.

Factors That Can Affect How Long Liquid Chalk Lasts

Several factors can affect how long liquid chalk lasts, including the activity, the environmental conditions, the surface and the application of liquid chalk.

Liquid chalk comes off with friction. This seems that more dynamic activities such as swinging will need more frequent liquid chalk applications than static exercises such as pull ups.

Excess fluid can also affect the chalk coating on the hands, for example rain water. This is why it’s important to remove excess water already on the bar. The liquid chalk will be able to absorb light rain without issue, only large amount of water will pose an issue.

The surface in question can play a big role in how long liquid chalk can last. This is largely a factor of how slippery the surface is to begin with. This will determine how much chalk is needed to create grip on said surface. Wooden surfaces have the most friction, while metal ones tend to be more slippery. Any given amount of chalk will therefore be more longer lasting on wooden surfaces.

The application of liquid chalk can also make a huge difference. Liquid chalk needs to be applied evenly on the hands and properly air dried. If the coating is not properly air dried, it will easily come off. To air dry, do arm circles for about 20 seconds before exercising – this should give the chalk enough time to set.

By Vic
Vic is an entrepreneur and Founder of Liquid Chalk. He has been in the fitness industry for over 5 years as a personal trainer and has an interest in calisthenics street workout and gymnastics.

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