Climbing Liquid Chalk - Take Rock-climbing To Another Level

Climbing Liquid Chalk - Take Rock-climbing To Another Level

Liquid chalk is the perfect solution for rock climbing and bouldering.

Climbing sports are riddled with accidents, often occurring as a result of climbing conditions. Grip is one of the most important elements of a good climber. This is a combination of a climber’s natural grip strength, and the friction created between their hand and the surface they are climbing.

When climbing, especially when done outdoors, surfaces are not ideal. Moreover, climbing to great heights often makes climbers nervous. This physiological response is often coupled with sweaty hands, a climber’s worst nemesis.

Liquid chalk provides the perfect solution for climbing as it increases friction between the hand and the climbing surface by licking up any excess fluid. This not only increases friction between surfaces, but also relieves climbers by allowing them to climb more easily and without so much tension through the forearms.

Liquid chalk has many benefits over traditional powder chalk. In a climbing environment, liquid chalk is more convenient than traditional powder chalk because it can be stored in bottles designed to attach to climbing surfaces. It also stays longer on the hands, a great advantage for climbers, as this allows them to climb more without worrying the chalk will fade. Liquid chalk also providers climbers with better grip, a result of the evaporative application process that results in a more complete coating of the hands.