Is Liquid Chalk Cheaper Than Regular Chalk?

Is Liquid Chalk Cheaper Than Regular Chalk?

A single regular chalk block is cheaper than liquid chalk, but this doesn’t take into consideration the difference in quality and the longer lifetime of the liquid chalk.

Liquid chalk has many advantages over regular chalk, you can read about them here. Typically, a 250mL bottle of liquid chalk will outlast several chalk blocks.

In the long term, liquid chalk ends up being cheaper. In part this is because you need less as it sticks better to the hands and the fact that there is less mess.

The other reason is that chalk blocks have air pockets and therefore have a lot less chalk. If compared, the weight of a typical chalk block is about 50g. A 250mL has several times as much chalk in it, even if the alcohol volume is taken into consideration.

Regular chalk blocks are $10, liquid chalk is typically more expensive. Given that it lasts up to 3-4 times longer, liquid chalk is definitely worth the money!

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