Liquid Chalk - Fighting COVID-19 At The Gym

Liquid Chalk - Fighting COVID-19 At The Gym

COVID-19 has ravaged the entire world, and continues to take a huge toll on human life and the economy at large. 

The fitness industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping over the entire world. New forms of targeted lockdowns are being enforced in some parts of the world where businesses with known COVID-19 cases are targeted for government shutdown. Gyms are over-represented on the receiving end of heavy-handed government interventionism due to their high walkthrough rate, and close contact between members and equipment.

Many gyms are forced to reintroduce new measures to deal with the contagious virus. Corona viruses are airborne viruses that can survive long periods of time on surfaces. Like many other pathogens, corona viruses are susceptible to alcohol. Although there are alcohol wipes at the gym, it’s not possible to track their use and many members simply ignore them.


Liquid Chalk & Alcohol

Liquid chalk contains alcohol and has a purpose beyond just cleaning. It’s easier to encourage members to use a product that generally improves performance, and without which some exercises are made considerably more difficult. Liquid chalk contains the alcohol isopropanol, an alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs within 30seconds. Isopropynol acts as an effective sterilizing tool and is used in many industries.

Liquid chalk’s alcohol content will at least partially reduce the spread of corona virus, while it’s moisture absorbing properties will enhance performance – a win-win situation!

“Liquid Chalk is the perfect addition to a cleaner Gym”

By using liquid chalk at your gym, you are reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 taking hold in your gym and the government shutting down your business. Don’t take the risk, switch to liquid chalk today!