Suspension Trainer + Liquid Chalk (250mL)


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Suspension Trainer designed to build strength and core stability.


Liquid Chalk for better grip!

Suspension Trainer Exercises:

✅ Rows
✅ Push ups
✅ Mountain Climbers
✅ Squats
✅ Lunges
✅ Ice Skaters
✅ Flies
✅ Bicep Curls
✅ Tricep Extensions
✅ Glute Bridges

Liquid Chalk:

✅ Better Grip Than Powder Chalk

✅ Dries In 30 Seconds

✅ 1 Bottle Lasts Up To 6 Months


How Does Liquid Chalk Work?

Our proven formula wicks up fluid from the hands – whether its sweat, water or sun cream – and provides a coating on the hands that lasts for an extended period. The evaporative process takes seconds, and allows for the chalk to stick to the hands stronger than regular magnesium powder.

This coating allows for more friction between the hands and other surfaces such as rocks, barbells and gymnastics bars and rings. This ‘friction’ is what is known as GRIP, and keeps you doing what you love!

Suspension Trainer + Liquid Chalk (250mL)


50 in stock